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Siam Winery Group

The Siam Winery Group is the famous producer and distributor of alcohol and premium beverages, with in-Brand "SPY Wine Cooler", "Monsoon Valley" and "Mont Clair" as well as other lifestyle beverages, which sell in Thailand and international markets around the world.

Career Opportunities with Siam Winery.

Siam Winery Group recognizes the importance of Human Resources Management Process and Employee's Professional Development by starting from the interview process. Applicants’ abilities, interests, experiences, and attitude will be assessed the potential as current potential which applied and be anticipated the final position of applicants, if applicants are joining with us, we will ensure that applicants can continue to develop in their position.
You can join to work at Siam Winery Group as following Job Functions :

  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Agriculture and Viticulture
  • Innovation and Wine Maker
  • Internal audit and Quality Control
  • Supporting Function i.e. Purchasing, Finance/Accounting, HR & Admin, Legal and IT

Contact us at Tel.02-533-5600 if you would like to enquire of any open vacancies.

Professional Development with Siam Winery.

Siam Winery Group has arranged the developed environment to our every staff levels starting from Operational to Director level. The development curriculum will expand their potential and grow in their career path with Siam Winery Group.