product of World of Wines™

World of Wines™

World of Wines™ is a collection of the great wines from around the world which have been hand-picked by expertise for your enjoyment, imported by Siam Winery.

Whether you are a beginner looking to dabble, or a seasoned veteran demanding the very best, you can be sure to find something unique and memorable within our portfolio. We searched far and wide to ensure our range includes a variety of reliant brands, that caters to every taste, occasion or lifestyle.

Welcome to the World of Wines™.

Everyday wines suitable for casual situations

product of Berri Estates

Berri Estates

The majestic Murray river in South Australia's riverland between Berri and Glossop is the source that provides premium grapes for our Berri Estate wines. Often called "Australia's Favourite Wine", we offer three variants of Berri Estates wine - Bin 222 Classic Dry White, Bin 777 Smooth Dry Red, and Bin 999 Full Dry Red.

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product of Fresco


Fresco is a refreshing fruit wine, made from a blend of fruits and grapes, with a well-balanced and smooth taste. The lighter alcohol of 8% is suitable for female drinkers and offers a tasty and easy wine experience. Fresco. Fresco comes in two ranges, Sparkling and Still.

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product of Lion's Cape

Lion's Cape

Lion's Cape offers easy-drinking and affordable South African selections, sourced from the most famous wine areas in South Africa. They make a great everyday table wine.

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product of Mont Clair

Mont Clair

Mont Clair started with the quest for finding grapes which combines both freshness and depth of flavors. Our expert winemakers travel the world's wine regions, carefully selecting the best of what these vineyards have to offer. The result are several ranges of easy-to-drink wines of uncompromising quality tailored for your everyday enjoyment.

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product of Mar y Sol

Mar y Sol

Chile is a country renowned for its 300 days of sun a year, and its magnificent coastline that stretches the length of South America. Mar Y Sol means Sea and Sun, the 2 key elements which gives these unique fruit wines their special character.

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product of Peter Vella

Peter Vella

Peter Vella is a full-of-character and easy-going Californian wine, created especially for the emerging Thai palate. The careful tending of the vines and special attention during the harvest creates wines which are lush and soft drinking. The new wines represent the first joint effort between Californian-based E&J Gallo and Siam Winery, and commemorate 175 years of Thai-U.S. relations. Peter Vella has 4 varietals to offer: Fresh White Chardonnay, Smooth Red Cabernet Sauvignon, Fruity Rose White Zinfandel, and Rich Red Shiraz.


Good quality wines suitable for all occassions

product of Carlo Rossi

Carlo Rossi

The world’s leading choice for table wine, Carlo Rossi with its Californian heritage, is a wine of great value and high quality, offering two varietals: California White and California Red. Utmost care is taken in each and every step of the grape-growing and winemaking process, creating consistently delivered wines which are fruit forward layered with sweet aromatics, which is smooth and well rounded.


product of McGuigan


McGuigan เป็นชื่อที่รู้จักกันดีในแวดวงการทำไวน์ของออสเตรเลีย ถูกกล่าวขานว่าเป็น "รสชาติแห่งออสเตรเลีย" ความมุ่งมั่นในการคัดสรรองุ่นคุณภาพเพื่อนักดื่มไวน์ในประเทศและต่างประเทศ และความแน่วแน่ในการพัฒนาวิธีการทำไวน์ในแบบโมเดิร์นของออสเตรเลีย ทำให้พวกเขาขึ้นเป็นผู้ชนะในการประกวดไวน์นานาชาติ IWSC ประจำปี2009,2011และ2012

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product of Gallo Family

Gallo Family

With wines bursting with vibrant and juicy flavors, Gallo Family Vineyards have been passing on the passion and skill of winemaking through four successive generations of the famed winemaking family. There is a wide range of wine to be enjoyed at any occasion. Whatever your taste, whatever the setting, there’s a Gallo Family Vineyards wine that’s a perfect fit.


product of Winzer Krems

Winzer Krems

Winzer Krems, Sandgrube 13, is one of the best-known wine addresses in Austria. Winzer Krems is also one of Austria's most significant producers and successful exporters of estate bottled quality wines, famous for their high-quality hand-picked grapes that are delivered exclusively by member winegrowers accordingly to an exact harvesting plan.

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The very best, for those special moments

product of Chakana


Chakana is one of Argentina's new pioneers in winemaking, growing to fame with their excellent Malbecs. Recognized by top wine journalists around the world, Chakana prides itself in producing top quality fruit from its own vineyards in Mendoza's best regions.

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product of Tempus Two

Tempus Two

Tempus Two, one of Australia's truly iconic wine brands, is a fruit-of-labor by Lisa McGuigan, who comes from a long line of celebrated vintners of the McGuigan family. Whether it is the easy-to-drink Varietal range, or the elegant flagship Pewter range, you can rest assured that the signature style and innovation of Tempus Two shines through in every drop.

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