Siam Winery Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company Policy

Siam Winery implements strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Assuring consumers of safe, quality products with international standards

          Siam Winery assures consumers of safety and quality as we impose strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that includes body temperature screening of production staff, masks and gloves rules and social responsibility awareness.

          Due to the increasing spread of COVID-19, Siam Winery, leading producer of premium wine and lifestyle beverages in Asia, takes precaution to assure health and safety of the employees and staff in every step of the production process while at the same time imposing strict practices to prevent the spreading of the novel virus to maintain trust and confidence of the consumers in Thailand.

          The company recently imposed strict anti-virus measures for production staff with body temperature measurement checkpoints at the entrance and exit to minimize the risk of virus spreading. Every staff member in the production unit are required to wear medical face masks and gloves. They are also instructed to wash their hands often and refrain from touching their face while working. Anyone with fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose and breathing difficulty will be suspended from work immediately under the GMP& HACCP regulations.

          Siam Winery maintains highest hygiene standard of the equipment and the buildings we operate. Cleaning staff are assigned to clean the machines and production equipment with 100-degree Celsius steam and 85-degree Celsius hot water, then dry with filtered wind. The equipment is also tested for infection both at the internal lab (ISO 17025 standard) and external lab. The product is purified with 0.2 micron coss-flow filtration and goes through 0.45 micron sterile filtration before bottling.

          The surroundings of the premise as well as the common area, especially with shared door knobs, handrails and light swtiches, are regulary cleaned with sanitizer. Ventilation and air flow is increased, sanitizing hand gel is placed in common area, exits, entrances and management is making sure there is sufficient amount of soap at washing basins and toilets for regular hand washing. The staff are regularly briefed and educated about the virus and proper practices to prevent the spreading of it.

          And to lower the risk of spreading the virus, Siam Winery has transitioned to online teleconferences to take place instead of in-person meetings. Visitors are only allowed in certain areas under emergency or necessity-based needs only. Body temperature is measured with every visit, and physical distance is to be kept at least 2 meters.

          Siam Winery has imposed work-from-home measures since 25 March, where office staff can work from home. Those that are needed at Siam Winery office and production base will be divided into shifts to prevent overcrowding and keep the business efficiently operational during this crisis.

          Siam Winery would like to assure that the firm takes the COVID-19 situation with utmost seriousness. The management is fully aware of the gravity of the situation and they are following the updates and news from the Ministry of Health very closely to help ease the situation and assure consumers with safety and quality of the products.